Frequently Asked Windsurfing Equipment Questions

Long adjustable harness lines |


How long are the harness lines?

The length is from 20” up to 44”

How to mount harness lines on the boom?

HERE is a video on how to do it.

Which lines to choose: Duo or Mono?

Duolines are perfect for IQFOIL. They have two points of support on the boom. They are also the “forgiving ones”. That means if you set them a couple of centimetres away from the perfect spot on the boom but give a fist-width space between the two parts, it won’t cause problems – you will still feel the sail is in balance. It also allows you to adjust the lines for a bigger wind spread on the race without the need to move them on the boom during the race. You can always make duo lines into a “mono” by putting both parts next to each other on the boom. The disadvantage is they are a little harder to move on the boom compared to Monolines.

Monolines have only one point of support on the boom. They are the “less forgiving” lines. Once you set them in a certain place on the boom, make sure it is the right one, otherwise, the sail will not feel balanced. They are much easier to move along the boom compared to Duo lines.

Having monolines may mean you would need to move them during the race when the wind strength changes significantly (for strong winds move them back towards the clew, for light winds move them towards the mast). Duolines allow you to set them for a broader wind range. 

Which tube to choose: soft or hard?

Till recently, we gave our customers a choice of hard and soft tube. After testing and working with Top RSX medalists it become clear soft tube is the best way to go. Hard tube gave no more stiffness than soft. But because the tube is so stiff, when the wind conditions change suddenly from strong breeze (using short lines) to light winds (using long lines), the tube holds the shape of a “pig’s tail”, not allowing the rope to hang low allowing for easy hook in and out. Therefore we reccommend soft tube.

If you have another question that wasn’t answered here or would like clarification on one of the questions above, feel free to contact us today!

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